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Do you have what it takes to be a Personal Assistant? Be part of our growing team! Read this article and find out more.

Have you tried assisting business tycoons? celebrities? influencers? You’re in! Our company is looking for you, yes you! How will you find out that you’re a perfect fit? Let me walk you through it. Our clients are usually important people who have been making a great impact on society. This is why a PA plays a big role in their everyday busy life and that’s how essential you will be! Our clients love to relocate from one place to another, conducting meetings here and there. Hence, being a PA you will have to:

  1. Assist in packing and unpacking their things, and switching hotels together with the client and the whole team.
  2. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right! There’s also a chance that you will have to travel abroad if the client requested you to.
  3. Basically, in one of your tasks, you will have to organize the client’s stuff based on the checklist that will be provided.
  4. Should you have a great memory? Then, this one’s for you! As a PA you have to remember where exactly you placed the client’s things and take note of that as you have to coordinate that with the client’s team as well, for example: where are the clothes placed, the computer, client’s favorite drink and a lot more.

Wait a minute. We’re halfway now and you read it right! You won’t be alone, we’re a team!

  • Firstly, you would have to install WhatsApp.
  • Once WhatsApp is downloaded, there you will have 2 groups wherein your first private group includes you and the employers of the company. This is where you can ask us private questions and anything under the sun as long as it’s related to the work itself.
  • The other one which is the main group is where the client’s virtual assistants are, they will be the ones who will guide you with your daily tasks, for example, if you are assigned today to shop, the client’s assistants will supervise and will give you instructions as to what specifically the client wants, like the brand of the shoes, the exact color, and design, the accurate size, arrange the beddings, arrange the hotel room, pack or unpack things, deliver stuff to the gym, basically they will provide you all the specifics.
  • The client’s assistants will give you all the particulars that you have to do.

Sounds good, isn’t it? Close coordination is a must! Remember to:

  • Make sure your phone is handy and is always on a full battery.

Lastly, you will have to install Pleo, which is the one that you will have to use when you shop, see attached link for further details: watch this Video

Moving on to the exciting part? When will the salary cut-off be?

  • The cut-off is usually every 15th of the month and you will receive your salary latest the 25th of the month.
  • Should you have a valid working visa in Sweden? Wrap it up! This job is the best for you! Give your best shot at work and get a chance to travel with your client in the future.

Send us your CV + photo and updated contact number. The team is already waiting for you, land that perfect job that you have been waiting for, one click is all you need. See you